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Give the gift of literacy today!

head shot of Jorge, a participant in Minnesota Literacy Council's language training

Go to school hungry? Or work to earn money so you can eat?

As a boy growing up in Mexico, Jorge asked himself these questions every morning. But now, as a student at one of our Open Door Learning Centers, Jorge can make the decision to come to school and learn every day.

For the first time, Jorge finally gets to experience the value of school – and it’s making all the difference: He is only two tests away from earning his GED and he has gone from barely speaking English to now acting as a translator between his co-workers and customers at work.

We’re asking you to donate today because making the choice to give helps people like Jorge choose to learn. And that’s life-changing. Just ask Jorge.

Please make a tax-deductible gift before June 30, the end of our fiscal year.

Want to hear Jorge’s story in his own words? Read Jorge’s submission to the 2017 edition of Journeys: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing.

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