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picture of community award winners from 2013 (Columbia Heights Police Department with Metro North ABE)

It's awards season! Nominate a volunteer, learner or community partner by March 2

Do you know an outstanding learner or volunteer who has significantly impacted your adult literacy program in innovative, creative and inspiring ways? Or a community partner that has supported your program's work? If so, consider nominating that person or organization for a Minnesota Literacy Council award. All nominations are due by 5 p.m. on Monday, March 2, 2015 unless otherwise noted. Winners are notified in April and are invited to attend our annual Journeys Reading and Awards Ceremony on May 21 to receive their award.


The photo above celebrates Columbia Heights Police Department, 2013's Community Partner Award winner. They were nominated by Joyce Koerner and Carol Kidder at Metro North ABE in Columbia Heights. “The CHPD’s involvement, especially Officer Terry Nightingale and Captain Lenny Austin, has created a wealth of resources available to the students. It has made them feel safer in the community because of their experience with police officers. And most importantly, it has created a sustainable relationship that continues to present more opportunities to benefit all involved.”


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