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Quote from article: "We are taught to do at least one good deed every day, and we must tell no one about it."

What would Muslims like you to know?

"Mahad saneed!"

That's "thank you" in Somali—just one of the phrases volunteer John Dunham has learned to connect with students at our Open Door Learning Center - Northside. Many of John's advanced ESL students are from East Africa.

Last month, he posed a question to the class: "What do you wish all Americans knew about Muslims?" As students conversed, John took notes. He was moved by their passion and call for peace. John compiled his students' words with his thoughts, and his Op-Ed piece was published in the Star Tribune. Take a look to see what our Open Door students shared about being Muslim.

Mahad saneed, John, for using your own experience in our classes to demonstrate that bridging a divide of culture and language between us simply takes acknowledgment of another human being.

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